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Selbsthilfe Ichthyose e. V. Deutschland

The "Selbsthilfe Ichthyose e. V." was founded in March 1996 in Stuttgart, Germany. The association has aims of promoting general welfare only. Aim of the association is to help affected individuals and their relatives.

This is done among else by

  • aiming to reach all affected individuals in Germany,
  • promoting contacts among affected individuals,
  • collecting and distribution of medical knowledge and help in practical clinical care,
  • providing advice in medical, psychological and social questions,
  • providing advice in financial questions including dealing with insurance companies,
  • public relations and aiming at removing prejudice and handicaps,
  • promoting contacts to specialists and specialized clinical departments with the aim of promoting scientific work in the disease group of ichthyoses,
  • contact and exchange with similar self support groups in other countries.

Homepage of the self support group Ichthyose e. V., Germany.


Other self support groups

The SICH-Selbsthilfe Ichthyose Schweiz is a loose agglomeration of affected individuals with ichthyosis, parents and relatives in Switzerland and the neighbouring countries. The SICH wants to promote contact and exchange of experience in all questions of life. The SICH organizes an annual meeting at a national Swiss level. Moreover, addresses of individuals having ichthyosis are provided. On the SICH homepage contact addresses are given. This also contains a detailed information about different types of ichthyosis and ichthyosis types and the general experience and information of persons from Switzerland and Germany.

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